P7-2: Student Session II

Session Chair: Dr. Diana Mesquita

Bangkok Time (GMT +7): 4.45 pm – 6.15 pm

Application of Scrum and PM Canvas in a Project-based Learning Approach (ID 47)
Costa Ferreira, Hermenegildo Baptista, André L. Aquere, Rui M. Lima, and Anderson A. Morais
Communication Tools Used by Distributed Teams in a BIM Learning Project (ID 72)
Anton Rzhvskyi, Elżbieta A. Bil, Gabriela Witeck, André L. Aquere, Rui M. Lima, José Granja, and Miguel Azenha
An Overview of Assessment of Competences Based on Publications in Journals (ID 18)
Mariane C. Souza and Rui M. Lima
Active Learning Workshops Production: Impacts and Benefits for Engineering Students (ID 34)
Arthur R. Costa, Emily M. B. Cornelio, Fernanda R. Silva, Filipe A. Batista, Larissa P. C. Santos, Marcus J. A. Oliveira, Carla M. C. C. Koike, and Dianne M. Viana