P5-1: Research on PBL and Active Learning II

Session Chair: Prof. Jose Dinis-Carvalho

Brasilia Time (GMT -3): 12.00 pm – 1.50 pm

Learning Experiences from Digital Factory Subject and Communications and People Skills Development for Engineering Leaders Subject (ID 40)
Chawantorn Chanchittakarn, Karakade Buakaew, and Athakorn Kengpol
Helping Students to Avoid Critical Mistakes/Misunderstands When Using
Active Learning/Project-Based Learning Approaches in Teaching Statistical Analysis (ID 7)

Huynh T. Luong
Do Student Initial Expectations About PBL Match Their Final Perceptions? (ID 5)
Sandra Fernandes, Anabela C. Alves, and Celina P. Leão
Science Clubs and Scientific and Technological Fairs: Encouraging Girls in Exact Sciences, Engineering and Information Technology (ID 59)
Laurete Zanol Sauer, Isolda Gianni de Lima, Odilon Giovannini, and Valquíria Villas-Boas
Development of Transversal Skills in an Extracurricular Academic Research Project Through Active Learning in Healthcare – A Case Study  (ID 76)
Ana Carla Bittencourt Reis, Gabriela M Esteves Fonseca Franco, Ronaldo Rodrigues Pacheco, and Ana Clara Albuquerque de Miranda