P5-2: Student Assessment in PBL and Active Learning

Session Chair: Prof. Joao Mello da Silva

Brasilia Time (GMT -3): 12.00 pm – 1.50 pm

The Impact of Self-Assessment and Peer on an Integrated Projects (ID 3)
Maroua Douiri
Evaluation of Projects Carried out in Companies by Second-Year Engineering Students (ID 11)
Marco A. C. Pereira, Cristiano E. R. Reis, and Débora A. I. Yoshioka
Evaluation of a Pilot Course of Project Management for Industry 4.0 (ID 45)
Rui M. Lima, Diana Mesquita, André Luiz Aquere, and Cristiano de Jesus
Class Dissatisfaction and Intelligibility of PBL (ID 66)
Octavio Mattasoglio Neto, Paulo Henrique Mendes Silva, Renam Rubam Barberini, and Rui M Lima
Evaluation Process in the Application of Case Teaching Method in Management Education: A Study in the Perception of Professors from Brazilian Universities (ID 68)
Maria Isabel M. Brito, Maria Valéria P. Araújo, Max Leandro A. Brito, Dmitryev C. Silva, Ana Beatriz C. Santana, Rebeka Coelho A. Alves, John G. Burgoyne, and Afrânio G. Araújo
 Assessment of Student Performance in the Context of Active Learning (ID 75)
Ana Carla Bittencourt Reis, Milena Rodrigues Santos, Ronaldo Rodrigues Pacheco, and João Mello da Silva