P2-1: Innovative Experiences in Engineering Education II

Session Chair: Prof. Valquiria Villas-Boas

Brasilia Time (GMT -3): 12.00 pm – 1.50 pm

360º Educational Robotics Project Management with High Abilities and Gifted Students (ID15)
Marlete Silva, Carla Maria Chagas Cavalcante Koike, and Liliane Bernardes Carneiro
Application of Educational Games in Professional Training and Its Influence on Productivity in the Sugar-Energy Sector: A Case Study (ID 17) 
Estevão Barros and José Rodrigues
The Role of Partnership in Launching PBL Approach in Cooperation with Network of Social Enterprises – Research Case of Częstochowa University of Technology (ID 51)
Aneta Pachura and Tomasz Nitkiewicz
Curricular and Pedagogic Innovation in a Social Education Programme: Findings From the Implementation of PBL (ID 64)
Sandra Fernandes, Marta Abelha, Ana Sílvia Albuquerque1, and Edgar Sousa
Structuring a Course Based on the Global Engineer (ID 65)
Vitória Bento Botelho, Octavio Mattasoglio Neto, João de Sá Brasil Lima